My First Cosplay: Ken Washio

Ken Washio

Character: Ken Washio (Gatchaman)/Mark (Battle of the Planets) – civilian clothes

Where: Anime North convention

When: 2005

The Story
The thrill of cosplay is not dressing up as your favourite anime character, it is becoming that character. So for me, the choice was easy: Ken – Gatchaman himself – my original hero. That, and the fact that his civilian outfit is pretty much the simplest cosplay I can think of.

The hardest part of this costume was the shirt, which you just can’t find in Canada. Thankfully, just a few months before the convention, a good friend of mine brought one back from Japan. Otherwise, I just had to buy the pants. I wasn’t committed enough, however, to build myself the proper wrist communicator/transforming device thingy, so I just wore a big ol’ watch.

Shortly after I arrived at the convention, a young woman actually recognized my character and said “wow, you’re Mark from G-Force!” I pointed out that I was, in fact, his much older, less fit self.

Then I heard the most seductive words a cosplayer can hear: “can I take your picture?” I was shocked, but gladly threw my shoulder bag down and smiled at the camera. The G-Force fan awkwardly asked “can you, um, pose or something?” If only I had thought of striking the “Transmute!” pose, instead of my steely-eyed, fashion model look.

And so I learned one important lesson of cosplaying: practice your poses ahead of time. Study the character, get to know him, memorize his famous stance, look at yourself in the mirror, and become him! Oh, and always, always build the goddamn wrist communicator/transforming device thingy.


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  1. Deanna Abel on

    Forgot to mention; AWESOME Ken cosplay!! You look a lot like him!

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