Cosplay: Lupin!

 LupinCharacter: Arsène Lupin the Third
(this costume variation is from the movie Island of the Assassins)

Where: Canadian National Anime Expo

When: 2005

The Story
This is the first cosplay I did totally right. Bought all the right clothes, including the tie clip, did my hair, grew the sideburns, practiced the poses, even found the right gun. And that was the result of a very lucky trip to the Ontario Specialty Company.

When I first looked around the store, amongst the boxes and boxes of toy dinosaurs and cheap sunglasses, all I could find were small, cowboy style revolvers. So I asked the woman at the counter if they had anything larger. She said they used to sell a full size gun and perhaps there was still one in the back. She disappeared for a few minutes and I started to wonder where else I could look. Then she returned with a gun – no box, no price – that was EXACTLY what I needed: a plastic Walther P-38. She gave it to me for $4.99. Awesome.

The real LupinAll the work of getting this costume just right paid off. When I arrived at the convention, I was immediately asked for a picture. I put my bags down and reached into my pocket for the gun. When I pulled it out, I heard amazed cries of “wow, he’s got the gun!” and even more cameras appeared. I struck my pose and continued doing so for about an hour. Must have had my photo taken 30 or 40 times. Even just walking through the convention, I was constantly barraged with “Lupin!” “Hey, right on!” and “I love Lupin!”

Ok, partially it’s because I picked such a popular and well loved character. But compared to the other Lupins I saw (with the wrong guns or painted-on sideburns – I mean, come on!) I know I received so much attention cause I did it right.


4 comments so far

  1. Hitomi and Naoko on

    Hey!! How r u doin?
    We were surprised at u!! How awesome!!
    We have never tried the costume so we wanna try!!
    There are many people like u in Japan.
    If u come to Japan, u can make many friends.

  2. hideo and kimi on

    good job!we like your costumes. where did you get them? And is the gun a real one? you look so cool anyway!

  3. Izuho&miho on

    You look nice!!!! We like Lupin.
    You should try to wear the costume of Goemon!!
    We really want to see that!!

  4. ryo & mayo on

    Your costume is very nice.
    You should try other character, too like dragon ball.

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