Does anyone else remember “Green Forest”?

Green Forest

Fables of the Green Forest was my first anime, although I only figured out recently that it was Japanese. I haven’t seen the show for almost 30 years, but some blurry memories come into focus after watching the intro:

There’s this group of talking animals – who wear clothes for some reason – living together as neighbours and enemies in a forest which borders a farm. I think we sometimes see the feet and legs of the human family living there, but I’m not sure we ever hear their voices. I don’t even remember any of the plots, but I assume they involved basic morality tales. What I do remember was being spellbound by the animation style that brought the animals and their adventures to life. Oh, and their voices. Was there a really high pitched one? The blue jay, maybe? And did Buster Bear have a super low voice? Sadly, I’m pretty sure none of them transformed into robots.

Another lasting impact of Green Forest were some common animal stereotypes that have turned out to be oh so true: foxes are murderous thieves, blue jays are pain in the ass loudmouths, weasels are nasty and friends to no one and rabbits are hair brained appetizers in waiting.

Thanks to Wikipedia I found out that Fables of the Green Forest – known by the somewhat disturbing Japanese title as Rocky Chuck the Mountain Rat (I always thought Rocky was a prairie dog) – was an anime adaptation of Thorton Burgess’ early 20th century children’s books. Two interesting things about Mr. Burgess: he wrote 15,000 stories and he was born in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Anyways, does all this bring back any memories for you? Leave a comment if you can remember anything from Green Forest, especially individual storylines. I haven’t been able to find English episodes of the show, on Youtube or BitTorrents, so if you have a lead, please let me know.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t pull a Wonder Woman – what an awful show that turned out to be on re-watching – and just leave Green Forest as a pleasant memory.


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  1. les smith on

    The name meant nothing to me, but that youtube clip brought it back. I remember that show. Can’t help you with storylines, but here’s hoping someone else can.

  2. Bishop on

    Jeebus Christly – Way to being it all crashing back! I recall this show paired mostly with “A Bear Called Jeremy” who could do most anything.

  3. chikako on

    I used to watch this anime!

    Here’s the Japanese theme song. I still get excited when I hear it.

  4. Ben on

    I can bring allot of memories back on Fables of the Green Forest and Jeremy the Singing Bear. Although it;s been nearly 30 years since i watched those shows, I can remember them quite well. In Jeremy, there was three main characters. Jeremy, Hector the Rat and a crow (don’t remember his name though) Jeremy had a polor bear grilfriend called Nadine. I remember allot more.

  5. bingo on

    What you do want to know about Fables of The Green Forest? How about the names of the characters…Johnny & Polly Woodchuck, Peter Rabbit, Reddy & Granny Fox, Sammy Bluejay, Chatterer Squireel, Bobby Racoon, Buster Bear, Jimmy Skunk, Uncle Billy (a possum), Joe Otter, Harry Marten, Jerry Muskrat, Danny Meadow Mouse, Grandfather Frog, Spotty Turtle, Paddy Beaver, Old Man Coyote… then their were a few minor ones like Bob Quail, Mr Condor, Mrs. Quack and of course Farmer Brown’s son Tom his dog Bowser and Blackie the Cat. Did I miss any?

  6. Mike on

    I can’t find that serie for download. I only found some sites in spanish with full dvds for sale (in Chile, I believe)(Fábulas del Verde Bosque)….
    anyway, I loved the castor….


    HI, i´m a fans of the Fables of the Green Forest.
    I am from chile, & in blockbuster i rent the full dvds… are in my hands… jeje

    the audio is not the best, in spanish too.
    but the stoy is wonderfull

  8. Kyouran on

    Oh…good ol’ Fables…yeah, brings back a lot of fond memories for me too. Was one of my first anime too back in the late 70’s along with Battle of the Planets.

    I never forgot ‘Green Forest’…am I the only one with a English copy of the DVD?

  9. Sweets4Life on

    AHHH!! i used to love this anime when i was younger! I had it on VHS, but alas over the years it has gone missing..

    I’ve been looking everywhere for it as well.. all my searches lead back to the book..

    Kyouran- where did you get a copy of the DVD in english?

  10. Rachel Wilcox on

    You have made my day. I looked for this online for years and had given up. I was starting to think my mind hallucinated it, but this was my most favorite childhood show when I was little. It came on Canadian PBS, and since we lived in Detroit, we got the Canadian programming in addition to the American programming.

  11. guest on

    I remember the end song being different than the one going around on youtube. I can’t remember all the lyrics but parts of it went “We are friends of the forest *insert line here* We love the forest (there is room for everyone) Oh Rocky. He lives in a tree…” that’s all I can remember

    • Diesel on

      You can get 28 of the English dubbed episodes from; the quality is poor [I guess those episodes are VHS or TV rips], but better than nothing; it was one of my favorites shows when I was a kid too; on You Tube there are all the episodes dubbed in Spanish [VHS/TV rip – medium/poor quality] and Arabic [high quality]; also, there’s a website from where you can buy all the 52 episodes dubbed in English [10 DVDs] – those discs are home made, with custom menus and have a pretty good quality [VHS rips]; volume 1 and 2 are “floating” on the web, google for them. Also the remastered edition with Japanese audio can be bought from or

  12. Peter on

    You can now watch most episodes on the Fables of the Forest channel on YouTube. Enjoy! Kind regards, Peter

  13. fablesofthegreenforest on

    There is now a website for ‘Fables of the Green Forest’: . Read about the story and characters of this 1970s animé, the books that inspired it, the author and makers, view the episodes and sing along with the theme song as you watch opening with lyrics. Or get involved in the Subtitle Project, a way to add the 8 missing episodes to the playlist!

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