Toy review: Starscream Masterpiece Edition

StarscreamI didn’t collect Transformers when I was a kid. My younger brother did. Well, actually, I collected them vicariously through my brother.

I was 15 and too old to be getting toys for Christmas. Despite the fact that my brother loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I convinced my parents that what he really wanted were dozens of Autobots and Decepticons. He was only 8 and couldn’t even transform them – I sacrificed my time to do this, as any caring older brother would. I’m pretty sure he knew my scheme was keeping him from his beloved Turtles, though, as he made a valiant effort to destroy almost all of his Transformers.

But recently, I finally bought myself my own Transformer. And this 15″ beauty is certainly a toy no 8 year old should even gaze upon. In fact, the last time I transformed this dude from robot to jet mode, it took me almost 10 minutes – consulting the instruction booklet the whole time. And I loved it.

This “Masterpiece” version of Megatron’s right hand man robot forsakes show accuracy for F-15 accuracy. In jet mode, this sucker looks perfect. In fact, the Decepticon logos are the only clue that this isn’t just an F-15 model (and thank goodness – airplane models are kinda nerdy). And even though master mecha designer Shoji Kawamori went for realism in jet mode, in robot mode Starscream still has many of his identifying factors like the upturned wings, chest blasters and head shape. The head is the best part, as it comes with interchangeable faces: stern and smirking (which perfectly captures his character). Here’s an awesome photo gallery of Starscream from various angles.

Interestingly, the toy also includes a figure of Dr. Arkeville – who was voiced by Casey Kasem! – that fits into the cockpit. I don’t remember exactly who this guy is, but it almost looks like Starscream is piloted, which would make him more of a Japanese robot, in my opinion. More on that in another post. On to the ratings…

Overall look: awesome
Design: attention to detail is mind boggling
Playability: hard to transform – in robot mode, a bad-ass addition to any diorama – in plane mode, perfect for scanning my condo for Autobots


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  1. Andrew on

    Do not worry… it does not appear that Starscream is a robot. The little human figure appears to be a important part of the plot, and was forced to show Starscream his secret lab… hence the reason he can fit into the cockpit.

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