My pinhole camera works!


In a previous post, I talked about building my paper pinhole camera. What I didn’t mention was my strong conviction that there was no way this thing was going to work. And not because of any design flaws, but because I had built it badly. Not to mention that once I tried it, it weird felt to lift that little piece of paper for a few seconds and hope an image was being exposed.

I was honestly shocked to see that EVERY SINGLE PHOTO turned out. Regardless of the lighting conditions or exposure, every print worked. Everything was in focus and there weren’t any double exposures. If you check out my flickr gallery for this test role, I’ve also noted down the details but what’s amazing is the similarity from a 1 second to a 4 second exposure.

I now embark on my next project: dioramas of my toys in public places. To fight off the inevitable embarrassment, I will simply pretend to be an artist and not a freaky otaku.


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  1. HI!! Nice dinosaur. Yes, when I expose my images 1-4 seconds is really about the same…. you’ll notice a difference is you do it for about 12 seconds or more… and sometimes my exposures are 45 minutes to 8 hours!!

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