Toy review: 12″ Canti

CantiWatching Fooly Cooly is like being hit in the head with an electric bass – it splits my brain open and I love it.

The show doesn’t take itself seriously, pokes fun at anime stereotypes and includes a strong story, great characters and awesome robots kicking the crap out of each other. Most of these mêlées center around this dude, the first robot to emerge out of Naota’s head, Canti or Terebi-kun (a cute way of saying “TV Boy”).

So when I heard that a 12″ version of this Evangelion-on-acid was coming out, I pre-ordered it. And I was not disappointed. This figure is incredibly accurate and easily crosses over into the “designer toy” category. In fact, I’m a little jealous of all the new colour variations that have come out – but there’s only so much shelf space in my home… for now.

Overall look: freaky and weird, just like on the show
Design: flawless paint job and molding, but limited articulation (to insure accuracy)
Playability: this dude can’t strike too many poses (sitting and standing are about it) but at 12″, he is a powerful presence in any diorama


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