Model Kit: 1/8 Dalek


From: Doctor Who

Time to build: 40+ hours

Difficulty: major pita (pain in the ass) due to poor kit design

The Story
dalek.jpgThe Daleks are not Japanese. Doctor Who is not Japanese. This model kit was not made by a Japanese company. So why am I talking about it on this “all things Japanese” blog? First, because I am goddamn proud of this little mofo. Second, because it proves why Japanese model kits are the best in the world.

This kit was put out by Comet Miniatures in the 70s 90s (see comments). I am thankful to them for being the only company with Dalek model kits available. But that is all I am thankful for. This felt more like a homemade scratch kit. The instructional images are hand drawn and the instructions themselves don’t build confidence. For instance, when assembling the skirt, I ran across this line “Place a weight (e.g. a book) on top until dry.” Are you kidding me? Couldn’t you design this kit to, oh I don’t know, fit together on it’s own?

And that’s when I found myself longing for an obsessively well crafted Japanese model kit, a kit who’s pieces not only fit together perfectly, but have little guides and notches to insure that they are put together in exactly the right way. Oh, and instructions that don’t even need text because the images are that detailed and complete.

Instead I had to fashion my own solutions to the kit’s shortcomings – adding extra little pieces of plastic or figuring out a different way for pieces to connect. But in the end, it was well, well worth it. This dude is over 8″ tall and my colour scheme – matte black with glossy dark copper – is my own creation. I think it’s both modern and hearkens back to 70s style Daleks. And as long as you don’t look at it too closely, it could make almost anyone want to hide behind the couch.


2 comments so far

  1. Iain on


    You got a couple of things wrong with your Dalek piece.

    The kit came out in the 90s, not the 70s. There was a large scale vac-form kit in the 80s, and there is a 1/12 kit coming out soon.
    There have also been resin kits.

    I aggree about it being weak compared to Japanese kits, but this was intended for adult modellers with some experience behind it, not youngsters.

    Hope that helps


  2. derek on

    I don’t think you have the right color scheme for the dalek the dome is meant to be gold.

    is it meant to a planet of the daleks dalek supreme.

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