New toy dioramas: Dalek and Kaiju and all


Before I started my latest dioramas – that making of which always involves emptying out all my boxes looking for just the right ones for a given scene – I decided to capitalize on the opportunity and photograph them all at once. Interestingly, it makes it look like I don’t really have that many toys. Even my wife agreed. Have to recommit myself, I guess.

Anyways, I finally have enough little Japanese buildings to create the semblance of a village. And the first thing that happens? A bunch of kaiju show up. No major damage, yet.

And I get the feeling that my toys don’t really like newcomers. They have all taken up arms against my newest toy, a Dalek. We’ll see how this plays out in a few weeks…


2 comments so far

  1. Michael Eh? on

    Where you get models of Japanese buildings?

    PVCs and model kits are fine but recently I have been looking at papercraft, 3D models that are printable on bubblejet printers then cut outand glue together.

    One such papercraft of the Goddess Belldany from the anime, Ah! My Goddess was one page and 56 seperate parts just for the head alone.

    A sort of poor otaku’s resin kit without the resin.

  2. Pedro the Otaku on

    The little Japanese buildings are from sets put out for train fanciers (I think?) that I got at Hobby Link Japan – they are AWESOME.

    And I think I’m a little too rough on my toys for papercraft models… 🙂

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