Toy review: Konami Gurren Lagann


Gurren Lagann is the best new show of the season. It’s old school mecha action with enormous amounts of ‘tude. The characters are bad ass and bombastic. Plus, it doesn’t take itself seriously. And did I mention the mechas? They manage to be ridiculous and cool at the same time.


This dude, released by Konami for it’s “Impact” series, is the mother of them all, the Gurren Lagann. I’ll admit that when he first appeared on Hobby Link Japan I was weary of his small size – only 14cm. But I was not disappointed when he arrived. In fact I was squealing with joy, a lot like in this photo (sadly, I don’t remember what awesome toy I had just received).

What really impresses me about this figure is the articulation – I’m counting about 18 points – which is solid and very flexible. It’s a lot like a Revoltech, which everyone goes on and on about, only a lot more fluid and without the bulbous joints which make some figures look a bit odd. The feet and knees also extend slightly for more dramatic poses. In fact, the posability is enhanced because so much care has been taken with subtle things like the shoulder pads and the skirt – they are individually articulated with soft plastic so that they have give and look natural in different poses.

And those poses only get better thanks to Gurren Lagann’s accessories. You have your choice of 3 hand combinations: two fists; gripping hand with outstretched hand; or my favourite, the double drill hands (pictured above). The gripping hand is there specifically to hold Gurren Lagann’s weapon – the oversized sunglasses he wears on his chest that he throws like a boomerang. Note however that the sunglasses on the body of the toy are not the ones he holds. Those come separately (and are slightly bigger). The ones on his chest are connected to a small chest plate that lifts off revealing a freaky face. Also included is a pretty awesome little “stone” platform that he can stand on for mini-diorama action, or you can use a flexible arm to lift him up for flying poses (click the thumbnail).

At a pretty low price point – 30 bucks Canadian – there is a tremendous amount of fun and attention packed into this little guy. How much? Again, see picture of me squealing.

Overall look: right out of the show! every last detail is perfect
Design: flawless paint job and remarkable articulation
: this dude can strike many, many poses – he’s small, but he’s nasty!


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  1. Dominique on

    I only just discovered the show myself. Was wondering if there were any figures out there. Glad you posted pics here.

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