Anime review: Denno Coil

Status: watched 3 episodes (of 26)


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Sitting there at your computer surfing the internet is pretty cool. But what if you could put on a pair of glasses and the world around you became the internet? That’s what it’s like for the kids of Denno Coil. But just like today’s internet, there’s always the chance that your cyberpet will become infected with a new breed of super virus trying to escape from some corrupted section of the web and wreak havoc on the world.

The very freaked out looking Yasako and her cyberdog Densuke (pictured above) find themselves on that adventure shortly after moving to their new home in Daikoku. And it just so turns out that Yasako’s grandmother runs an investigative agency – with kids as her operatives – to root out this kind of trouble.

I fell in love with this show almost immediately. What impressed me most was a style of animation I’ve not seen enough of – sketchy, hand drawn lines combined with detailed backgrounds and seamless CG. Then you get to know the characters, and just as much care has been put into their personalities and quirks. These combine beautifully into a future world that doesn’t feel futuristic. Their crazy new internet technology has integrated so well and the characters are so comfortable with it, the show doesn’t have that now typical Cyborg Hyperspace Ghost in the Shell Blade Runner Ergo Proxy “I’m so disconnected from my connected world” thing going on.

In fact, there’s a wonderful sense of magic mixed with technology – in one scene a character reaches into a tiny purse and pulls out a spray can, a full-sized fishing rod and a funny little foot tall creature that looks like a big thumb with legs and a tiny butt. In another, the kids are being chased through town by a robotic virus hunting machine but are protected by stepping into Shinto shrines or by simply drawing Torii gates on the sidewalk with chalk. It’s moments like these, plus all the cute little fuzzy creatures and Yasako’s younger sister Kyoko being a spitting image of Mei Kusakabe, that makes this show a My Neighbour Totoro for the 21st century.

Denno Coil is the perfect kids show, but sadly, that’s why I won’t be watching any more episodes. I would highly recommend this show for the 8 – 13 year old set and their parents watching with them, but for the rest of us, it’s just nice to know something this good is out there for the next generation of anime fans.


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  1. wotagei on

    Dennou Coil turned out to be one of 2007’s overall best. Friendly suggestion to check out the other 23 episodes. Once it’s done with the kid’s stuff, it develops into a pretty serious story.

  2. Sarah on

    I must agree with Wotegi – while this series does begin with a childish air, it doesn’t take too long for it to develop into a much more mature theme. I would suggest you check out the rest of the series before calling it quits! 🙂

  3. Mar on

    I couldn’t disagree more with your last statements. Denno Coil is the perfect show for people of all ages. The rest of the anime deals with very mature and serious themes. Don’t be fooled into thinking that something is “kiddish” just because the main characters are children. 😉

  4. geneva on

    not to sound repetitive, but seriously, you made a big mistake by dropping this one.

  5. Pedro the Otaku on

    All right, folks, I am going to admit I was much to hasty with my judgment of this show. With all this extremely positive feedback, and am looking forward to going back and finishing this series! Thanks for all your encouragement…

  6. sazukii on

    Dennou coil is one of the only anime’s that made me (and i am not younger than 18 years old) cry. Even the classic anime’s like Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion’s powerful and emotional scenes don’t quite induce such a true and down to earth feeling despite its science fiction elements.

    I would highly unrecommend the anime for 8-13 year olds since they would either lose interest or get depressed or something without understanding what really goes on. In fact, I think there first 5 or 6 episodes were just painting the background, unable for the story tellers to put anything complicated into the story.

    Anyway its great. just finished watching it and was wondering to all you others out there – what breed is Densuke modelled from? I WANT ONE!!! :p

  7. Anonymouse on

    8-13 year olds won’t understand all the complicated stuff which makes up the majority of the show putting technical jargon aside or at least I think so. I’m 18 and I enjoyed the show thoroughly; I’d prefer if the main cast is at least in middle school since the significant actions they’ve done in the show is much more mature than should be expected of their age which makes it a bit unbelievable.

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