Anime + soccer = my super otaku fantasy!


I’ve revealed quite a bit about myself on this blog, from watching anime non-stop for 3 days to my anime tattoo to dressing up as anime characters. Even my love of cigars. Despite all of that, it may come as a surprise that I am a huge soccer fan. For those who care, I am first and foremost a Red Patch Boy – supporter of my beloved Toronto FC – and also support Sporting Portugal, which goes back a couple generations in my family. I also catch as many Premiereship and La Liga games as I can.

Anyway, it finally occurred to me a few weeks ago, knowing that there’s a lot of anime out there about sports like tennis, to search out soccer shows. With so much drama built into the game it’s not hard to imagine an anime treatment. The struggle to overcome your limits. Two sides on a field of battle. Dramatic poses. Clenching teeth. Leaping bodies. I’ll admit, though, that I was a little hesitant – is it really healthy to combine too many obsessions? Yes, I thought, yes it is.

Turns out there really aren’t that many soccer focused shows, but I found two: Aoki Densetsu Shoot and Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002.

In both shows, the producers did a great job of merging their plots with the drama of the game. However, it still comes down to characters and story and from what I saw – I’ll admit I only watched the first episode of each series – they seemed to be pretty predictable coming-of-age young adult dramas. And sadly, it’s hard to capture the fluid movements of soccer while keeping your show on budget, so I never got even a bit of that thrill from watching these that I get from watching the real thing. Regardless, I was impressed by the love and knowledge of the game infusing Shoot and Tsubasa.

But there’s a bigger reason why I stopped watching. After an hour of soccer anime, I made a realization about merging obsessions – it can get to be a bit much. If I were to keep watching then I couldn’t take a break from anime with soccer, and vice versa. And after all, one of the things I preach to other otaku is to vary your life with many interests. And get out once in a while – go to a game – and make some friends. Having all your obsessions intersect, well, you may never leave the house again.

That said, if anyone knows of an anime series about cosplaying cigar aficionados, send it my way!


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  1. AjaxSupporter on

    I’m waiting for an anime or manga with skateboarding. I think it’s healthy, since I think it would motivate to do it yourself as well. At least that’s what I get when I watch skatevids.
    Also like football, but never really tried watching an anime of it.

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