Model Kit: 1/24 Translucent Tachikoma


From: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Time to build: 1 hour!

Difficulty: easy – just snap together

The Story
Several months ago, I built a Tachikoma kit. It was the most work I’ve ever put into a kit, but the result is fabulous. Recently, the same company came out with a “translucent” version, to simulate the optical camouflage used on the show. I know, it’s not really invisible, but I can pretend.


Anyway, since there has been a moratorium on spraying my stinky paints and glues in the condo – have to wait until we move to a well ventilated house – I decided to pick this one up to satisfy my model building urges. Sadly, taking only an hour to put together, I got very little satisfaction. I found myself really wishing I could break out the putty and sandpaper and get all detailed and obsessive.


Also, when sitting next to my original model, the stunning finish on the latter really stands out and makes this dude look like a cheap toy. Again, I’ll have to pretend it’s actually invisible and when its optical camouflage is turned off, looks much, much cooler.


1 comment so far

  1. TTIO on

    Thanks for this, I was considering whether to get the translucent one or the ‘proper’ model. I’m now pretty certain that the proper one is for me, despite the extra work 😀

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