Movie review: Tekkon Kinkreet


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Black and White are two orphans who run the streets of Treasure Town – their hood in a megacity masala of Shanghai, Tokyo and New York. They can seem unstable but actually balance each other out – until an evil land developer shows up who will do anything to turn rusty old Treasure Town into a shiny new, family-friendly amusement park. The ensuing battle tears Black and White apart, unleashing a power that could destroy Treasure Town completely.


Last year at this time, a friend of mine, Steve Cober, co-owner of Magic Pony (my FAVOURITE toy store in Toronto) mentioned this crazy manga that he loves was being turned into an anime and had I heard of it. Nope, not a word. Well, that didn’t last long. By the start of this year, Tekkon Kinkreet had become one of the most hyped and publicized anime in recent memory. This was partially because it’s the very first anime with a non-Japanese director. The other big reason is that Tekkon Kinkreet is unlike any anime ever produced.


I was so impacted by this movie that I don’t want to add to the hype – and I want you to see it before you read any more said hype. Safe to say that director Michael Arias has done something other anime creators (and film producers in general) can learn from: this is a medium of boundless fantasy and imagination that can tell powerful and real human stories.

Tekkon Kinkreet is a remarkable piece of storytelling that harnesses contradiction, like the yin and yang relationship between Black and White themselves.


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