Shogatsu no diorama


I’ve been gone for a month, but I have been busy. Mostly holiday stuff, but I still managed to watch hours and hours of anime (I will be posting reviews soon), read some manga (finished Genshiken *tears*), bought some models and toys and built what I’m posting about today: a brand new diorama for the brand new year.

This one’s from an anime I’d love to see but doesn’t exist: a large gang of super cute monsters have shown up on the border of a little Japanese village. The town’s residents mobilize their armored troop robots. The scene opens during the tense beginning of the stand off. Who will be first to open fire? Will the monsters simply volley colourful bursts of flowers until the villagers cry out “kawaii!” and call off the robots? Or will thousands of rounds of armor piercing shells destroy cuteness forever?

This diorama is also the first one I’ve tried to make look like a proper village. But I am not satisfied. It isn’t real enough. So I’m going to invest in a few more structures and trains and people and telephone polls. Yes, I am REALLY looking forward to 2008!


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