TV review: Kamen Rider Den-O

Status: watched 5 episodes (of 49)


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Somewhere between time and space rides DenLiner, a shinkansen that lays its own tracks as it streaks through dimensions looking for the next Kamen Rider. Ryotaro is a lonely loser who unwittingly picks up a pass to the DenLiner and after walking through an inter-dimensional portal, finds that he has been possessed by an Imagin, a race of time traveling creatures bent on changing the past to benefit themselves in the future. The one who possesses Ryotaro, however, agrees to fight for the good guys and help the passengers of the DenLiner defend the universe against malevolent Imagin.

I’ve never watched any episodes of the now legendary Kamen Rider series that’s as old as I am. But when I heard that a new version had just come out, I was on board for one simple reason: guys in rubber suits.

Kamen Rider Den-O is ridiculous and probably meant for children, but part of the reason I’m still watching is out of sheer disbelief that this kind of thing is still being made. Some of the special effects are pretty good but the suits are floppy. The story is simplistic and predictable. And the fights are straight out of the WWE – but with much more creative costumes. But like a 70s Godzilla movie, it’s just dumb fun.

kamen_ad.jpgAnd if you’re thinking that this show is nothing but a subliminal advertisement for toys, you’re wrong. There’s nothing subliminal about it. At the end of episode four, we’re treated to an in-show ad for a toy set that “let’s you become Kamen Rider Den-O.”

And hell yes, I want one.


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