Anime review: Giant Gorg

Status: watched 5 episodes (of 26)


Rating: star4.gif

Somewhere in the Pacific is the mysterious island of Austral, a place that hides a powerful secret. And the evil organization GAIL is using all its might to uncover that secret, including hunting down and killing any scientists close to discovering it who won’t help GAIL. Cause that’s what evil organizations do.

Tagami is the son of one of those scientists, dead at the hands of GAIL. He travels to New York to find Dr. Wave, an old friend of his father’s. As soon as he finds him, so does GAIL and we’re off on a breakneck-speed chase that takes them halfway around the world. Also along for the ride is a nasty group of anti-GAIL mercenaries, so there’s rocket grenades a plenty. Once everyone arrives on Austral Island, its secret literally walks up to Tagami – none other than a huge alien mecha named “Giant Gorg”!

gorg_ride.jpgI am a huge, huge fan of both old anime and Gurren Lagann, which is mostly an homage to old anime. A recent article in OtakuUSA suggested that GL fans should check out Giant Gorg and I was happy to see that while this show must have been watched by the makers of GL when they were young, it certainly isn’t a rip off. Yes there’s a kid who rides on the head of a giant robot, but that’s where the similarities end (from what I saw in the first 5 episodes).

And Giant Gorg is fun not simply because it’s old. There are some anime clichés that you can laugh at, but it’s also a pretty exciting show. Even though it takes a few episodes for the eponymous big guy to show up, the show is fast paced with a big helping of old fashioned international espionage. And just a dab of nasty, shockingly graphic violence. Plus, I’m always stunned at the complexity of hand drawn animation that used to go into weekly shows.

gorg_woody.jpgIt’s also fun to see that the show’s creators were having a good time, especially with the New York based character Dr. Wave who shares more than a passing resemblance to a certain famous actor and comedian. Anyone who ever wanted to see Woody Allen in a mecha anime, Giant Gorg is for you!


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