Britney jumps on the Anime bandwagon


Britney Spears. Whatever.

But she has a new video* out that is a cynical attempt to remain relevant and hip by going anime-style. It borrows far too heavily and obviously from the first Ghost in the Shell movie, casting Spears as some sort of avenging vigilante cyborg thing that does a lot of flying around and smashing. Trying to use anime to keep her sinking career afloat is sad, but choosing something 13 years old to look current, is embarrassing.

My biggest concern, though, is with how trendy anime is becoming. If the mainstream thinks it’s the hip new thing, it won’t be long until anime joins breakdancing as yet another compelling cultural expression lost on those who only associate it with crap like this.

*The secret words are “danger” and “victory”, by the way.


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