Model kit: 1/150 Fire Tower

From: Green Max model kits

Time to build: 3 very stressful hours

Difficulty: hard (due to tiny, minuscule parts)

The Story
As I assemble everything I need for my Japanese town diorama, this model is probably my last yet sweetest addition. This cute little fire tower is also the first N gauge structure I’ve built from a kit. All the other Tomytec ones come pre-painted and in some glorious cases, pre-assembled. You might think that takes the fun out of it, but at this tiny size, it’s the stress that’s alleviated.

I like to think my dexterity and patience has increased since I started modeling, but this little bastard put me to the test. I spent most of these 3 hours holding my breath. Check out the instructions while keeping in mind you could fit the entire viewing deck inside a thimble.

This one really got me wondering why I’m so obsessed with tiny replicas – until it was completed, of course.


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