Tekkon Kinkreet cosplay (in process)

I wasn’t going to cosplay for this year’s Anime North.

Then a coworker of mine saw Tekkon Kinkreet and loved it as much as I do. She’s going as the exuberant White – so I guess technically she’s crossplaying – and I’m the somber Black.

Black’s outfit seemed simple enough at first, but once I broke it down, I realized I needed a lot of stuff. Added to that is the challenge that he’s not always drawn the same way throughout the film, it’s marketing materials and the manga. So I decided to keep it loose and do an aproximation instead of my normally obsessive duplication.

First and foremost was the shirt. This wasn’t too tricky as I went for the version in some of the movie posters. It involved a stop at American Apparel and some sticky velum, tracing the pattern and rolling on the paint. The final product looks pretty awesome.

The beads also required some craftiness. They don’t really make yellow beads that are 40mm in diameter, so I made my own out of styrofoam balls that I painted gold. Two advantages over beads: super cheap and super lightweight.

Instead of building the goggles from scratch – I do have a life, you know – I went for the closest approximation I could find. I’ll hold on to them in case I get a time machine and head back to some raves in the 90s.

But the first thing I bought for this costume was “scar wax” from a costume shop. This easy to use putty gives you a gross and thick scar anywhere you want one. The Converse shoes and red pants are storebought, but I did need to get the pants hemmed to the right length. Finding tensor bandages that are white took a bit of searching, but the trick now is to not put them on very tight or I’ll lose feeling in my hands – which has caused me to panic during past canoing trips. For Black’s metal pipe that he carries around menacingly, I picked up a PVC tube at a hardware store. Again, super cheap and super lightweight. The green pouch turned out to be the hardest thing to find. I ended up with one large one from an army surplus instead of 3 – and just realized how useful it’ll be at the convention for carrying around my stuff.

The last step will be done the morning of the convention (Saturday) – shaving my legs. That’s probably more than you wanted to know, but I want to make sure I don’t look like a middle-aged version of Black instead of the young teenager. Maybe it’s time to start going for characters more my age?

Anyway, if you’re going to Anime North, please search me out and let me know what you think – about the costume, not my legs.

The costume is now complete – check it out!


8 comments so far

  1. Lily on

    Alright, you win the costume assembly race, Mr. Mendes. I am a rookie, after all!

  2. Lily on

    Tonight, it was a little cold out, and I happened to have the bear hat for my White costume in my bag, so I wore it.

    Along my way, I heard the sounds of a raccoon FREAKING OUT. I figured it must have been in a fight, so I continued cautiously but on the lookout.

    As I walked on, the squeals got quicker and more fierce, but I just couldn´t see where the fight was going down.

    With this raccoon in full panic mode, I came to realize that it was actually in a tree just ahead, ALONE and looking right at me.

    I took a few steps back and crossed the street. The raccoon shut up.

    It´s a pretty cool hat, but it might get me into some trouble here in the backwoods of Scarberia.

  3. LORDY on

    I really want to see this completed!

  4. Chris on

    Oh nice dude! I am working on my Black cosplay too! I am wondering where you got the balls from tho!

  5. Chris on

    And the pants!

    • Pedro the Otaku on

      The balls are just styrofoam from an arts and crafts store that I painted yellow. The pants are cheap dockers that I took to a tailor to have them shortened to the right length. Post your cosplay when it’s done!

  6. Hailey N Clark on

    Where did you get the goggles?

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