Tekkon Kinkreet cosplay

Character: Kuro (“Black”) from Tekkon Kinkreet

Where: Anime North

When: 2008

The Story
Damn proud, that sums up my feelings about this cosplay. And most of that pride is for my CBC co-worker Lily Mills who did a spectacular job of not only dressing spot on as Shiro (“White”) but really expressing the character in her poses.

This was also my first “group” cosplay and even though it means you spend the whole day joined at the hip with your partner, it is more than worth it when you see people’s faces as they recognize not just one character, but the set.

Sadly, however, not that many people have seen the awesome Tekkon Kinkreet. My evidence? A whole day of walking around and we were only photographed 5 times. As Lupin or Mugen, I lost count, easily 20 or 30 times. I’m not being vain, but let’s face it: you cosplay partially so that other fans of the show get excited by seeing the characters you all love brought to life. We did meet another cosplayer dressed at Shiro and we were all rather ecstatic but most people just gave us that “okay, you’re dressed as something, but I have no idea what” look.

Regardless, I’m still proud. And if you’ve seen the movie or read the manga, check out the pics and marvel at our awesomeness.


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