Toy review: Soul of Chogokin Evangelion

The full name of this toy is way, way too long for that title: “Soul of Chogokin Spec XS-01R EVA-01 Renewal Version.” Let me break that down a bit for the non-toy nerds out there. “Chogokin” means something like “super alloy”, which just means it’s diecast metal. The “soul” bit refers to the fact that in the 90s, Bandai returned to their metal alloy toys of the 70s with a brand new line. All that other stuff means it’s a new version of Bandai’s movie version of the Eva-01, which was released a few years ago. This update makes it perhaps the greatest of all Eva toys ever made.

Yeah, that’s a pretty grand statement and yeah, this little baby lives up to it.

First off, he comes out of the box like no other Evagelion toy I’ve seen, in Eva’s true form – the super-skinny, super-creepy organic life form that lives under the shell/constraints. Here’s the part that blows me away – the shell is composed of about a dozen heavy metal parts that you put on. You actually turn him into an Eva. When you get this toy, and you will, here’s what you gotta do: take him out of the box and cue up the Eva soundtrack – you know what I’m talking about, the big symphonic battle theme – and hit play. Putting this guy together transcends playing with a toy – you are close to the soul of Eva itself.

Once he was put together, the fun just didn’t stop. Incredible articulation that is strong yet pliable. A flawless paint job. So many hands and weapons that I will never run out of poses. Dude, it even comes with an entry plug and the Eva’s glowing red core!

My only complaint is that at this price – over $70 – I won’t be getting the full set any time soon. Then again, how many full sets do I really need?

Yes, I know – all of them.

Overall look: the metal alloy gives this dude an incredible look of weight and realism
Design: flawless paint job and remarkable articulation
: the poses are endless – this guy gets the highest recommendation I can offer!


2 comments so far

  1. Gunplassacre on

    Cool. Wish the head is not detachable to make it perfectly surreal. I hope they released the Soul of Chogokin for the eva in “Rebuild of Evangelion”.

  2. Ikki on

    “it’s a new version of Bandai’s movie version of the Eva-01, which was released a few years ago.”

    It was released the year before.

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