Goodbye, for a while


I will no longer be posting to “I am Otaku” but please, no tears, because the reason is quite spectacular.

My wife and I are welcoming a baby into our home and as such, if I can find any otaku time, even though I’ll be spending it building model kits and watching anime, I just won’t be able to blog about it.

I may return one day – when he’s 18? – but for now, I hope the stuff I’ve blogged about for the past couple of years will be useful to someone.

Thank you to everyone who’s posted and commented and inspired me to continue. We have a wonderful community and I’m gonna miss y’all. Just keep  your eyes open at the next anime convention for two dudes cosplaying as Lone Wolf and Cub.


3 comments so far

  1. Michael Eh? on

    Ah. It’s never too young to cosplay. COngrats but sad to see you go offline. You could still blog about being a parent and an otaku but I guess being a parent disqualifies you as an otaku or a NEET. 😉

    Please keep the page up. Either that or get your spouse her own blog the woes of child raising. I fear for your models when the terrible two 2 kick in. 🙂

  2. Ryan on

    Yo I saw your cosplay on Mugen, it was really bad arse, lol. Congrats on being a father =[I]. Do you have any extra on the shoulder sling for mugens sword? I searched for one but the only one I can find is on a 112 dollar replica when I already have his katana but from a different place eh. If ya can get back that would be awesome lol.

  3. madarameharunobu on

    Ok, its been almost a year so far. There has to be some time alotted to blog? I mean come on!? I’m a Father of 3 working and being the dad and trying to be the best friend while the dotting protective father against all the evil boys out there that would even try to date my oldest. Grrrrrr *Bares tusky fangs*

    But come on, you have your whole life ahead of you. YOu’ll have at least 20 mins to blog an entry a day or so. Why not hit me up on my own blog too, I’d love to chat with you further on your hobbies and such. At least thing about it please.

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