My otaku den!


After years of dreaming, it has finally been built – a room of my own.

denI can now display all my toys at once, including my town diorama, and I even have a huge work table to build models and repair robots (my new spray booth is in the closet, but trust me, it’s awesome and means I should have the use of my lungs for a long time to come).

What’s ironic about this great achievement, however, is another massive event in my life that means I won’t be spending much time in my new otaku den for a little while. But more on that later…


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  1. madarameharunobu on

    *Tear welling up* Thats beautiful mang! I hope to show off my office at the house as soon as I can get it straightened out to the way I want it and yet have my wife not know that I turned it into my little shrine away within the shrine. XD Anyways, way to go guy! I like the collection and I LOVE That Cylon Fighter you have.

    I have a 1985 Matchbox SDF-1 I am quite proud to say I recovered from a drive in swapmeet and restored it to in claissic luster and white plastic sheen. That and Kaneda’s Bike from Akira as well. Although I do forget what the scale was, only thing missing to make it cheri? Is the decal sheet for the boke’s stickers. It even comes with a PVC casting of Kaneda with his goggles on. A rare find indeed!

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