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Shinichiro Watanabe interview

A few years ago, while working on a story for CBC Radio, I had the great honour of interviewing Shinichiro Watanabe about his hip hop-anime Samurai Champloo. Until recently, this interview was archived elsewhere, but it disappeared, so I’ve uploaded it myself.

Keep in mind that the interview may sound a bit odd: I had not intended to use my own voice on the air, so I’m asking the questions to the translator who then answers them in first person.

Still, you’ll get some great insights into Champloo.


The R3-30 goes to AnimeCon!


As some of you may know, I am a producer at CBC Radio 3 and appear on the “R3-30“, a weekly countdown of Canadian indie music.

My two worlds collided last week when we recorded the podcast version of The R3-30 at AnimeCon 2007 in Toronto. That’s my host, Craig, who agreed to cosplay, but would only go so far as wearing Mark’s civilian shirt. And he wasn’t to pleased. I felt like a character in Genshiken.

There’s an awesome photoset in Flickr of the whole event and you can listen to the podcast we made by downloading it here. You might just find some new music to fall in love with!

Me on Q on Maid Cafes


appeared on Q this week with my nerd-loving friend Jian Ghomeshi – this time to talk about Maid Cafes and Canada’s own version of otaku heaven.

Once again, my thanks to the folks at Editor’s Choice for turning my bit into a podcast, which you can download here. Also, you can check out the photos I took – the waitresses are not the only ones in costume – mentioned in the piece.

Me on Q on Giant Robots


The Transformers are not Japanese.

The reason I talked about them on CBC Radio’s Q, however, is because they offer insights into the different roles giant robots have in American and Japanese popular cultures. And it also gave me a reason to dress up (very badly, I admit) as Optimus Prime.

The good people at CBC Podcasting have once again chosen me as the Editor’s Choice, so download and listen now.

Couple of notes: the dude in Japan I mention but don’t fully name is the awesome Matt Alt. You can buy his book here and visit his blog here. Also, I was half right about my prediction on the Portugal/Mexico game – right score, wrong winner.

Me on Q on Cosplay

cbc cosplayI am the “resident otaku” on CBC Radio One’s daily culture show Q with Jian Ghomeshi. A couple of days ago, I was on to talk about cosplay and the Anime North convention. The folks at CBC podcasting were nice enough to turn my bit into something downloadable that anyone can listen to, any time.

One note, however. At the end of the piece I talk about the dedication and long hours Japanese cosplayers put into their costumes. This was me summing up what many cosplayers at Anime North said and in no way is meant to belittle the hard work of North American cosplayers. I just didn’t have time to say that.

Special thanks to Mike at Anime London for the pic!