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My otaku den!


After years of dreaming, it has finally been built – a room of my own.

denI can now display all my toys at once, including my town diorama, and I even have a huge work table to build models and repair robots (my new spray booth is in the closet, but trust me, it’s awesome and means I should have the use of my lungs for a long time to come).

What’s ironic about this great achievement, however, is another massive event in my life that means I won’t be spending much time in my new otaku den for a little while. But more on that later…


Gogg Shirt!

A package arrived today from Japan. But it wasn’t one of my many online toy orders. It was a suprise gift pack from my friends Jordan and Chikako.

Mostly it consisted of lovely gifts for my wife’s birthday, but nestled amongst the bath salts, snacks and “Anne of Green Gables” collectible stamps, was this AWESOME tshirt of the Gundam model I just built!

There is no love as great as otaku love.

Are the Vancouver Olympic Mascots Japanese?

I don’t think so, but they sure are damn kawaii!

Moe confuses Tommy Lee Jones


So my favourite beverage company, Suntory, maker of the awesome Boss Coffee, have this series of ads starring Tommy Lee Jones as an alien in human form investigating our customs and way of life. Thankfully, he landed on Planet Japan and in this episode he’s working as a cameraman’s assistant in Akihabara and ends up in a maid cafe.

Surrounded by all this moe, the voiceover suggests that he kinda likes it. But his expression is one big ol’ “WTF?”